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Naked jocks, hidden camera videos from the guys' lockerroom

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I found the perfect spot to watch naked jocks in the lockerroom and captured it all on camera. With a little bit of sneaky work, you'll get to see all of these nude athletes without them ever knowing you are watching. If you've ever wanted to spy on college jocks in the shower, here's your chance to see it all!
Football players caught on camera

Football camp pt. 3
It was a new school year which meant new recruits to the football team. After practice, though, it was the same story: hittin' the showers where my camera was waiting. One amazing piece of gridiron beef was worth a slo-mo double take!

Hung dudes shower side by side

Wash that cock!
I love seeing the guys lather up and wash their cocks. It just seems like a good to excuse for them to give it an extra tug or two. There's an encore from the hottie who I caught last week in all his muscley goodness. Nice close-ups of his cock this time!

If these guys only knew that there were videos of them naked in the lockerroom on the internet...
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Naked jocks caught on camera

Afternoon delight
Mornings and lunch are usually prime time in the lockerroom. Today, I found some prime dudes taking advantage of the slow afternoon gym hours. Little did they know they had someone waiting for them in the showers afterward.

All the naked horse-play you hear about from the lockers, but never get to see. It's here. Start downloading now.
College team showers after game

College team after the big game
I heard a visiting team was in town for a match and made a point to have the camera ready for the post-game shower. These guys had no clue I'd be waiting. There's a ton of cock and horseplay and the camera catches it all. One guy even takes a piss while his teammates watch.

Just catching a glimpse of a naked college jock in the lockerroom would be hot. Now you get to watch as much as you want without them ever knowing. Click here for instant access!
Wrestlers after practice

Wrestling team after practice
The wrestling, football, and track teams all finished practice around the same time every day. I set my camera up so you'll see them stagger in to wash their sweaty jock bodies in this 3-part series. First up, the wrestling team.

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