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Naked jocks, hidden camera videos from the guys' lockerroom

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These guys are the real deal. Real college students. Real athletes. Really naked.
Straight rugby players shower

Rugby players after practice
The little town I live in has a college rugby team. They're some beefy guys. I saw a handful of them heading to the showers off after practice and followed them in, camera ready to go.

Buddies and teammates joking around naked in the showers. Completely unaware that I've got my camera focused right on them. Click here to see everything.
College jocks wash up

Basketball players
I'd seen these two guys playing pick-up basketball games for weeks. I finally figured out their schedule and made sure I was ready to meet them after their games. In the lockerroom showers, of course! Check out the dick on the second guy. Quite a piece of meat he's got swinging between his legs.

The shyest guys who you'd never have a chance to see naked. They have to shower sometime...
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College jocks shower off

College jocks caught after their workout
I had the camera set up and happened to catch these 4 guys after they were done with... whatever they were doing at the gym. One suspicious guy almost seemed to catch on to the lens pointing at his naked body. He just kept on washing up, almost as if he was enjoying being watched.

When a guy is in a public shower and doesn't think anyone is watching, you'd be surprised what they do.
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Naked college students showering

College guys keeping their jocks clean
There's a real mix of guys that come through the showers. And I'm there to catch them all. Some are shy and hardly ever touch their cocks. Some can't seem to keep their hands off of it. Some, as you'll see in this clip, like to sneak a peek at their buddy to see how they measure up.

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